Hope you had a terrific 4th of July Holiday full of family, friends, fireworks and fun!

kevin-snyderOf course with the holiday behind us, we're all quick to notice we've passed the halfway point of 2010.  How Amazing!

That said, there's great news to report about the technology leap our clients have made as a group compared to just one year ago! Whether due to improved economic confidence, forward-thinking, or even necessity on occasion, your investments in technology have you set for productivity and success.  Congratulations to you!

Also, it's a pleasure to announce that a full  91% of our clients with whom we've discussed Network Assurance have transitioned from traditional, reactive hourly services to this flat rate, proactive service model. Saving money is surely one big factor, but unlimited support calls, reliability, security, and peace of mind are huge, too.  Network Assurance is ProductiveTech's part in a nationwide IT Support revolution, and we thank you for the success we share.

If you haven't yet talked with us about your technology and costs, don't wait!  I'd like you to call me personally at (856) 845-6266 and let's see if Network Assurance is right for you.

Best wishes for a great month!!

Partner and Vice President

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