Shiny New Gadget Of The Month:

Google Alerts

If you’re not familiar with Google Alerts (or if you’re not using them) this article may be one of the best tips we give you all year! Google Alerts is a free service offered by Google that will e-mail you whenever new content is posted online on a particular subject. While some people use them to keep up to date on their favorite celebrities or sports stars, there is a far more practical reason to use this in business.

First off, everyone should have a Google Alert set up for their name for obvious reasons; if you are in business, this goes double, including your company’s name, as well as the names of your key employees. After all, if someone posts a negative comment about your services or names one of your employees, you probably want to know about it so you can make it right. You might also consider setting up Google Alerts on:

  • Your biggest competitors.
  • Your key clients or prospects you’re trying to win business from.
  • Industry alerts or trends.
  • An important news story in your industry.

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