Meet Our Team!


John was the founder and president of ProductiveTech. In July 2015 ProductiveTech Merged with SWK Technologies. John has 30 years experience in the IT field and started the company in 1984 helping companies keep their systems running and staff productive, only back then it was typewriters. John worked with PCs from the beginning, including those early MS-DOS years, and as computers became affordable to small businesses, became a Novell expert and helped companies network those computers together. As technology advanced, John stayed current and became a Windows networking specialist and helped companies implement their first email systems, mobile devices and shared Internet connections.

John’s philosophy has always been that the clients come first. When consulting for a solution, John tries to put himself in the place of the business owner, but also combine that with his technical expertise to make recommendations that are always in the client’s best interest. John is well known for his honesty and dedication.

As President, John is responsible for the everyday operations of the company, is still hands-on with technology and remains very customer service oriented. John says that the best part of his job is leading a team of terrific people! John leads our team of engineers and acts as an educator and mentor. He works with them to solve difficult problems and developed our sophisticated support system that provides fast and efficient service at an affordable price. John’s current responsibilities also include long-term strategic planning for the company. In his spare time John loves to spend time with family, play pool and listen to music.

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Movie: The Shining
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Hobby: Playing Pool
Favorite Band: Emerson, Lake & Palmer


Kevin has been an entrepreneur since age 18, the owner of four businesses over 20 years. Those include Productive Business Technologies, which was merged into ProductiveTech in 2004.

Kevin is our Vice President of Sales & Business Development where he develops the SWK brand and leads our Sales and Technical Advisory team. Kevin studied at local colleges including Rutgers University.

Kevin enjoys teaching clients to use technologies to improve their businesses, secure them, and make them more profitable, too. He collaborates with 250 of the world’s top IT companies in Nashville, TN several weeks each year and brings the best ideas back to us and our clients.

Kevin and his wife, Dina, have been married for 20 years and have 2 wonderful daughters. They are all avid dog lovers, but Kevin says their home can only fit 3, Jake, Chase and Bryn – all adopted from local rescues.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Vacation: Anywhere south
Favorite Food: Prime Rib
Favorite Team: The Phillies
Favorite Band: The Beatles
Favorite Quote: “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford


LJ was our Service Coordinator for just about 4 years and has recently moved into the new position of Operations Manager. LJ joined SWK in July 2010 and came to us with several years of customer service and technical support experience in the telecommunications industry. LJ’s focus will now be on improving processes, making us more efficient and implementing many of our ideas. She will be the “make it happen” person.

LJ also volunteers her time and energies to be the SWK Team Leader for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk each year and does a great job! She sells candy and snacks at the office throughout the year and holds fun events such as ‘Taco Tuesday’ where all proceeds go to our walk in October. She’s led our team for the past 4 years and we have donated over $16,000!

Although she was born in West Virginia and lived in Pennsylvania for a few years, LJ is a true Jersey girl. LJ and her partner Trish won a $50,000 dream wedding from an Instagram contest and were married at Bally’s in Atlantic City in November 2014. They have a very spoiled 8 year old Shih Tzu named Dixie. LJ has a love for animals and nature. She enjoys traveling, cooking, decorating, gardening and spending time with family.

Favorite Team: Phillies
Favorite Snack: Goldfish Crackers
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Vacation: Italy & Hawaii


Before joining SWK in April of this year as our new Service Coordinator, Becky, a South Jersey native, worked in the Customer Service/IT industry for nearly 10 years, where she wore a variety of hats answering phones, scheduling, billing and collections, orders, shipping and receiving.

With this experience, Becky is very well-qualified to handle our Service Coordinator position where she answers the phones, monitors our service boards, and schedules the engineers for remote and on-site service. Becky says she really enjoys interacting with clients and being able to assist them with getting resolutions to problems and concerns. She also enjoys working with the ProductiveTech Team because even on the busiest days, there are plenty of smiles to go around and the atmosphere is very positive and client focused.

Becky is the proud Mom of daughter Brianna and they take care of their 8-year old hermit crab Sporty. Becky is also a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

Favorite Movie: As Good As It Gets and Skyfall
Favorite TV Show: Bones
Favorite Restaurant: Los Gallos (South Philly)
Favorite Car: Ford Mustang
Favorite Animal: Birds
Favorite Vacation: Cape May, NJ
Favorite Hobby: Gardening
Favorite Pastime: Spending time with my daughter


Chrissy has been with SWK for almost 17 years in many different roles. Currently, she mans our front desk and is part of our Sales Team getting out quotes, ordering products and filling orders for our clients. She really enjoys talking to our customers and likes the fact that technology changes so quickly that there is always something to learn so it never gets boring.

Chrissy is the proud Mom of her beautiful daughter, Bridgette, who just graduated from Gloucester Catholic High School. In her spare time, Chrissy enjoys going to the beach and Cape May Ghost Tours (especially with the author of the book, Craig McManus). She also loves knitting and gardening.

Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Sweet: Banana Cream Pie from McMillan’s Bakery
Favorite TV Show: Person of Interest
Favorite Band: Too many to pick just one
Favorite Restaurant: The Robin’s Nest in Mt. Holly


Jon’s our Marketing Coordinator at SWK. He spreads technology education and a little fun with our newsletters, webinars, events, and all sorts of media. Jon has built a wide variety of professional marketing experience. Whether Jon was working locally or traveling the country, Jon’s always enjoyed the opportunity to wear multiple hats.

Jon attended college in Maryland and graduated from Towson University with a BS and a double major in Marketing and E-Business.

After graduating from college and working in Maryland for a couple of years, he moved back to his home state of New Jersey where he resides with his girlfriend, Megan, and their “mini zoo” that includes a rescued rabbit, guinea pigs, leopard geckos, hamsters, and fish in Mt. Laurel. Jon and Megan just recently purchased their first home in Mount Holly and rescued a Beagle mix puppy, Brandi as well as a Shepherd Terrier mix puppy, Luke.

Jon loves the Steelers, and he’s a big fan of the Flyers and Phillies, too. He loves sporting events and country music concerts, getting outside for exploring, fishing, camping, kayaking, visiting Long Beach Island, and photography. Of course Jon’s a big fan of technology, too!

Favorite Car: F-150 Raptor
Favorite Vacation: Long Beach Island
Favorite TV Show: Rules of Engagement/South Park/Family Guy
Favorite Band: Likes most music, but Country Music is his favorite
Favorite Hobby: Photography/Outdoors/Video Games


Matt joined the SWK team in February 2003 as one of our Network Engineers and has recently moved over to our Sales and Marketing Department as our Technology Advisor where he assists our clients with recommendations for products and services to meet their business and technology goals.

Matt is the youngest child in a family of four and shares his home with his lovable Dachshund, Ziggy. In his spare time, Matt loves to play guitar, bass, hockey, disc golf and wiffle ball. He’s also a fantasy sports guru and enjoys attending sporting events.

Favorite Movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Favorite Sport: Hockey
Favorite TV Show: Futurama
Favorite Food: Jerk Chicken
Favorite Restaurant: Santucci’s Pizza in South Philly


Before joining SWK in May 2009, Kathy worked in the Repair Service/IT industry for nearly 25 years, starting in service dispatch, to administrative assistant and then Assistant Office Manager.

Kathy is responsible for all our bookkeeping functions including payroll, accounts payables/receivables, credit and collection. Kathy also assists the Marketing Department with mailings and newsletters, along with administrative assistant duties and backup for the Service Coordinator. Kathy says that because of wearing many different hats, no two days are the same and because IT is so fast paced, it seems you learn something new every day.

Kathy has 3 great children who are all grown and feels very fortunate to have 2 beautiful daughters-in-law who take great care of her sons and after a very long wait, has the absolute love of her life, her grandson Dominic who is 22 months old and will be a big brother soon!

Favorite Color: Purple because it’s for royalty
Favorite TV Show: I’m a foodie, so all cooking shows, especially Top Chef
Favorite Vacation: The one I took this summer to Portugal with my daughter
Favorite Pastime: Spending all the time I can with my grandson
Favorite Quote: It’s a tie: “And then that mouth” from Miss Congeniality and “You can’t handle the truth” from A Few Good Men


As Service Manager, Will works in conjunction with the Operations Manager to oversee all aspects of Managed Services, as well as maintaining and improving the highest level of service that our clients have come to expect. He is also a Senior Systems Engineer, specializing in the management of large-scale tickets, client issues and project implementation. In addition, Will works with each member of the SWK team to plan for and tackle many of our clients’ IT issues.

Will has studied English and Education, but has worked with computers since age 12 and specifically in Managed IT Services for the last 7 years. Will says that his favorite aspect of working in Managed IT Services is being able to build relationships with the clients so that he can understand and anticipate what they need to run their businesses better.

Will was born and raised in Far Northeast Philadelphia. Will married his wife, Ronnie, in 2011 and together welcomed their son, Milo, in 2014. They currently reside in Roxborough. In his spare time, Will is actively interested in literature, storytelling and music from various time periods.

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Movie: Withnail and I
Favorite TV Show: Mad Men
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Band: The Ramones
Favorite Quote: “So it goes” – Kurt Vonnegut
Favorite Hobby: Collecting Vinyl Records and Retro Video Games


Scott joined the SWK Team in May 2014 as a Senior Network Engineer to handle many of our large-scale tickets and clients’ IT issues. Scott has worked in the IT industry for 7 years dealing mostly with small businesses. Scott has always had a passion for Technology and is very happy to be doing something he loves as a career. In fact, Scott says that what he likes best about his job is interacting with clients in various industries and helping small businesses within the community meet their IT needs.

Scott is from Northeast Philly and currently resides in Lower Bucks County. He’s an only child who enjoys spending time with family and with his newlywed wife, Christine. They have four cats that were all rescues, with two who have special needs. One has three legs and another has a rare growth disorder. They also have two dogs, two rabbits, multiple fish tanks and a room dedicated to fostering kittens. Scott says they basically live in a zoo!

Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Movie: Star Wars
Favorite Sport: Hockey
Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers
Favorite Band: Coheed & Cambria
Favorite Hobby: Fish Keeping


Dan joined SWK as a Computer Field Engineer troubleshooting workstation issues, new hardware installations and system maintenance. Dan says it’s been a great learning experience and he really enjoys the interaction with the diverse companies we service.

Dan has earned a B.S. in Computing Security and Technology from Drexel University and has received his Cisco CCNA certification. Dan has been interested in computers and IT since he and his father built their first computer when Dan was just 12 years old.

Dan is the younger of two children in his family with his older sister being an elementary school teacher in the Deptford School District. Dan has been dating his girlfriend, Kim, for five years now and says he should be making the next step soon!

Dan also has a Jack Russell terrier with the inventive name of –what else — Jack. Some of Dan’s hobbies are technology, traveling, and cars as well as being a real craft beer enthusiast who likes to home brew in his spare time.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movie: The Shining
Favorite Vacation: Ireland
Favorite Team: The Phillies
Favorite Band: The Black Keys
Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad


We recently welcomed Shay to the SWK team in September 2013 as a Network Engineer. Shay is responsible for monitoring and managing of our clients’ networks and computers. Shay recently arrived from Israel where he’s had a successful IT career since 1988.

For the last ten years, Shay has had his own IT company supporting a variety of businesses including “MOTO,” who is one of the leading content companies and the biggest magazine publisher in Israel. Shay has a B.A. in Business Administration, majoring in accounting and has received his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification as well.

Shay says that what he likes best about his job is the challenge to find creative solutions for customers’ complex and unique IT needs and desires. He also enjoys the fact that he has the opportunity to work and “play” with the latest technology and gadgets and get paid for it too!

Shay met his wife 22 years ago and says he just can’t get enough of her. Together they have three gorgeous kids – Ben, Roy and Gali. They are also the proud parents of a 2-year old dog named Luke (“I am your father”) who they saved from a rescue center.

Favorite Movie: Star Wars
Favorite Food: Sirloin Steak
Favorite Vacation: Tuscany, Italy
Favorite Hobby: Sports Cars
Favorite Car: The Ferrari F40 and my Scirocco
Favorite Animal: Dogs


Sean joined us in the beginning of April as a Network Engineer. He specializes on the proactive side of our IT operations. By being behind the scenes monitoring updates, infection alerts, and warnings for possible failing hardware he can fix issues for our clients before they even know there ever was a problem. He also maintains backups to ensure that they are not only running, but are fully functional as well. Sean’s favorite part of his job is helping clients and the challenge of fixing their issues faster than our clients expect, because it makes him feel like a wizard.

Sean graduated with an associate’s degree from Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. Additionally he received their program award for their networking course. However, Sean was not always into computers. As a child he was mostly into sports until he broke his ankle right before the summer. It was that summer when Sean was confined to a wheel chair and could not participate in any sports that he discovered his love for computers, gadgets, and other electronics. From there on out Sean became a computer nerd, and built, tinkered with, and fixed computers whenever he could.

Sean has four siblings Amanda, Michael, Tim, and Nicholas. He currently resides in Brookhaven, PA with his brother Tim, mother Michelle, and two cats, Zoey and Coal. While Sean is not married he says he might as well be, since he has been dating his current girlfriend for a little over eight years.

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Movie: Good Fellas
Favorite Food: Hot Pockets
Favorite TV Show: Anything on Netflix that could be binge watched
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers


Back in June, DJ became part of the SWK team as a Network Engineer. As a Network Engineer DJ visits our clients directly onsite and remotely, installing or maintaining their desktops, as well as their servers and network environment. His favorite part of the job is the fast- paced nature of IT work, which allows him to continually learn new techniques and technologies and apply them first hand.

DJ’s passion for computers and technology goes all the way back to when he was in elementary school. He got into computers at an early age and built his first computer as a science fair project in 3rd grade. He started working with computers because he enjoyed videogames and tinkering, and as he grew up it turned into a profession for him. Even though DJ has only been out of college for two years he has six years of full-time IT experience. While attending La Salle University for his undergrad in ISBT, he was the Senior Manager of Student IT Support. After La Salle, he worked for the Federal Court of Appeals in Philadelphia at 6th and Market.

Born in Key West Florida, DJ has lived all over the United States, having moved 20 times since then. Living in locations such as Littleton New Hampshire, Taunton Georgia, Stratford Connecticut and multiple places in the greater Philadelphia (Blue Bell, Doylestown, Olney, Manayunk). He currently resides in South Philadelphia with his girlfriend and participates in a community garden at La Salle University which was founded by his girlfriend. DJ also likes to spend his free time playing computer games, working on cars, going to concerts, snowboarding, and even brewing his own beer as well as wine making.

Having earned an Integrated Science, Business, and Technology degree from La Salle University, with a concentration in Biochemistry and IT, DJ has the intention of completing his MBA from La Salle University within the next few years.

FAVORITE CAR: 2004 Subaru Impereza WRX STI
FAVORITE PASTTIME: Playing Videogames
FAVORITE HOBBY: Snowboarding
FAVORITE BAND: Modest Mouse or Feed Me