Recycle "IT"

Electronic Waste, or “E-waste,” has quickly become the fastest growing portion of human bi-product.

With the constant emergence of new technology, businesses and individual consumers alike are buying electronics at an astonishing rate. As a consequence, millions of obsolete gadgets and gizmos are tossed out each year to make room for the new ones. In 2007, 205.5 million computer products were disposed of in the US alone – of this total, desktop and laptop computers accounted for 41.1 million. That’s over 112,000 computers discarded EACH DAY!


Many people do not realize that if this E-waste is not properly disposed of, it can be extremely hazardous to the environment. A single CRT monitor contains 2-8 pounds of lead and most LCD monitors contain a significant amount of mercury – just 1/70th of a teaspoon of mercury can contaminate 20 acres of lake water. While these materials may be carefully sealed inside various electronic components, they can leach out into the environment when left in landfills.

Improper electronic storage and disposal can also contribute to privacy and security breaches. Old computers should be seen as repositories of data that leave an electronic footprint. If E-waste is not regulated properly, this data remains on the system and can still be accessed.

ProductiveTech has taken on the responsibility of this ever growing challenge and is dedicated to improving the environment while helping our clients properly dispose of e-waste in accordance with local, county and state laws. By partnering with EPA registered companies, ProductiveTech has developed a recycling program that is beneficial to the environment as well as your business.

Recycling your old computers can actually save your company money! There are a lot of hidden costs related to storing old computers, including:

  • Cost of storage
  • Maintaining software licensing on unused equipment
  • Administration and inventory

You can avoid all of this by making a conscious effort to start recycling your old, unused electronic equipment. It’s easy!

Simply drop off any computers, laptops, monitors or printers you wish to have recycled at the ProductiveTech office or ask your onsite engineer to bring it back for you. There is absolutely no charge other than having your hard drives and data sensitive materials destroyed if preferred ($10).

Talk to one of our IT consultants today and find out how you can help ProductiveTech tackle this growing environmental problem!

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