Our Clients

Nancy Miller

We were in a very difficult situation and your company stepped in and provided us with exceptional service to keep our company operating. The OneTEAM Network Assurance program has actually been a cost savings compared to our past experiences; no hidden costs. We have such peace of mind knowing you’re ...Read More

Miller & Sons Builders, Inc.

Peter W. Palmer

Once OneTEAM Network Assurance was put in place, there was an immediate change not only in the frequency of which IT problems occurred, creating more “up” time, but a significant reduction in the cost of those operations. I absolutely recommend this solution to any small company that wants to reduce ...Read More

Professional Media Group

Chet Barnes

The reason for my letter was to let you know how much I appreciated the way that Brad Ryall had taken care of my iPhone/Outlook contact issue that had occurred over the Thanksgiving Day Holiday and weekend. That type of response, I felt needed to be recognized and commended! For many reasons, I really ...Read More

Blenheim Construction

Tessa Marks

The two things I like most about ProductiveTech’s services are the immediate attention our calls and emails receive, as well as the benefits of reduced costs and less downtime ever since hiring your company. We were particularly happy with how ProductiveTech switched out Chris DiSabatino’s laptop ...Read More

DiSabatino Landscaping

Peggy Goldman

I don’t know if there are other companies around like Productive Tech, who actually deliver on what they promise. Probably there are, but I certainly haven’t found them if they exist. Friendly Planet will never make a move without ProductiveTech. They are that good.

Friendly Planet Travel

Craig Hoy

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your years of excellent service. We had been searching for many years to find a technology support company that understood our business needs and concerns. Please accept this as my letter of recommendation in support of your service to other companies ...Read More

Best Uniform

Donna Miller

Just wanted to take a moment and tell you that ProductiveTech has been fantastic to work with over the past five years. Your company understands our business and provides excellent support service when needed, not several days later. We will continue to highly recommend your company as we have in ...Read More

Giuliano Miller & Company, LLC