“Super Wi-Fi” Coming This Year Promises An End To Dead Spots

Get ready for a new type of Wi-Fi coming online in 2013 called, "Super Wi-Fi." What is it? As defined by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), it's a stronger, more powerful wireless networking connection that uses the lower-frequency white spaces between television channel frequencies instead of the 2.4 GHz radio frequencies of the Wi-Fi we all know and love. These lower frequencies allow the signal to travel further and penetrate walls better than the radio frequencies used in Wi-Fi today.

Why do I say, "As defined" by the FCC? Because it's not really a form of wireless networking; therefore, the name "Super Wi-Fi" is being questioned and criticized by organizations who feel it’s a copyright infringement on the Wi-Fi name. Politics!

Whatever it ends up being called, this new wireless connectivity could make it a lot easier (and faster) to get online. As you might expect, it’s being championed by the likes of Google and Microsoft who have heavy investments in cloud computing and wireless networking. Until now, there have only been a few beta networks where people can use it. But like any new technology, the delivery will get cheaper, faster and more ubiquitous, particularly in rural areas and other dead spots where broadband wireless isn't available. Essentially, if you can get a TV signal, you’ll be able to get high-speed Internet access. Of course, as your technology leader, we’ll continue to keep tabs on this and let you know about your best options for getting and staying connected!

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