What Should You Do If YOUR Network Is Compromised?

Back in June, 6.3 million passwords were reported stolen when a hacker was able to access LinkedIn’s servers. The news made headlines instantly and everyone in the office (and online) was talking about it. Clearly this is a public-relations nightmare for the company and one that will, for sure, have a ripple effect for months, possibly years, as they deal with the fallout from their clients and potential lawsuits.

Alert: The Internet Has Run Out Of IP Addresses!

Although it sounds like a Nigerian Internet scam, it’s true. With millions of people coming online, the number of IP addresses is exhausted and a new standard for identifying computers and devices has come online: IPv6. So what is an “IP” address anyway and what will this NEW addressing system mean to you? First, let’s start at the beginning:

Every computer or device on a network has a unique identifier known as an IP address.

Congratulations to our June Trivia Challenge Winner……….

Dana Roach of Giuliano Miller & Company

Dana won a $20 gift card for Primo Hoagies

Last month’s answer

Which of these U.S. Presidents died on July 4th?

d) All of the above are true

This month’s question is:

What began its association with sports in 1927 through advertising on a wall of a minor league baseball park?

a) Gatorade
b) Wheaties
c) Hot Dogs
d) Beer

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Are You STILL Using Outdated Tape or Disk Backups?

If your computer network and the data it holds got erased or corrupted because of a virus, hard drive crash, fire, flood or some other random, unforeseen disaster, how confident are you RIGHT NOW that your business could be back up and running again FAST?

If your answer to that is, “I don’t know,” or “I’m not sure,” you are taking a HUGE risk with your company’s most important asset—the data on your network.

How to Deal with Disappointment

Disappointment is inevitable; there are just too many things going on in our lives to not have something or someone disappoint us. There are certainly degrees of disappointments, they come in all sizes, but it’s the big ones I want to address today.

People, associates, companies, teachers, bosses, teammates, classmates, spiritual leaders, politicians, spouses, brothers, sisters, Moms and Dads are all on the list of potential disappointers.